Technology for all


The Algorithm for Gender Equality is a campaign led by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs aimed at promoting gender equality in and through technology. The campaign is part of the global Generation Equality initiative. Its goals are to activate discussion on gender equality in the technology sector, to promote openness in the field and make it more attractive, and to inspire girls and women to pursue careers in technology.

We invite all players in the technology sector to participate in creating the Algorithm for Gender Equality and in building a sector and a society that leave no one behind.

The Algorithm for Gender Equality – redefining technology together.


Together, we will solve four key problems – get involved in creating change!

1. There is a gender gap in access to technology and digital competence.

Women and girls across the world have poorer access to the internet and new technologies compared to men and boys. A lack of digital skills creates inequality.

2. Technology does not respond equally to the needs of women and girls.

Investments in solutions that advance gender equality are not sufficient. AI solutions often do not recognize the needs of different groups of people.

3. There are too few women and girls working with and studying technology and innovation.

The structures and working culture in the technology sector do not always support gender equality or offer equal opportunities for all. On average, women account for less than 35 per cent of people working in the global ICT sector.

4. Online violence and discrimination are gender-based.

The threat of harassment and hate speech limits opportunities to act and participate online.