Colombian education sector

Even though many challenges remain in access to education and equality in education opportunities in Colombia, there is political will for making improvements in this sector by the current government. This provides several opportunities for foreign institutions and organizations to contribute and collaborate for innovative solutions. These opportunities are both at the university and research level as well as on business level in education technology solutions, teacher training, consultancy processes, vocational education and training, early childhood education, sustainable education solutions, degree students-market, Talent Boost and education sector development cooperation/system level exchange.

Several social reforms are taking place under Gustavo Petro’s government aiming to reduce inequality and improving the quality of life. Education is an important aspect of the government plan for the 2022-2026 period. The government budget for education in 2023 is 11.8% bigger than it was for 2022, reaching a value of approx. EUR 11B and maintaining its position as the biggest sector for government spending. According to the Ministry of Education, the main objective is to strengthen the education system mainly by improving infrastructure and education quality (especially in remote territories),  promoting teacher training, and investing in higher education. Colombia actively engages in international cooperation in the education sector. Collaborations with foreign institutions and organizations contribute to knowledge exchange, research opportunities, and educational innovation.

Academic research in Colombia encompasses a diverse range of disciplines and fields, with several key areas of focus. Research priorities can vary across institutions and over time, some notable

areas that have received attention in Colombian academic research lately are: Biodiversity & Conservation; Peace and Conflict Studies; Social Sciences and Humanities; Health & Biomedical Sciences; Sustainable Development & Environmental Sciences; Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics; Cultural Heritage & Archaeology. In the QS World University rankings of 2024, University de los Andes ranked highest at 198th position, Universidad Nacional at 226th and Pontificia Universidad Javeriana 347th.

Strengthening the cooperation between universities and UAS in Finland and Colombia would foster closer relationships and facilitate collaboration between the two countries in research, innovation, and knowledge exchange across various fields. There is a significant interest in Colombia for Finnish study programs, joint programs, and especially double-degree programs that offer students the opportunity to receive accreditation in both Finland and Colombia simultaneously. This presents valuable collaboration opportunities for Finnish universities and UAS. There is joint interest in many topics such as biodiversity, bioeconomy, sustainable development and environmental sciences.

This collaboration can extend beyond academic programs and include joint research projects, faculty exchange programs, and the sharing of best practices in teaching and learning. To promote and expand this collaboration, it is crucial to establish strong institutional partnerships, foster dialogue between academic communities, and explore avenues for joint funding opportunities.

Please find our detailed report on the education sector in Colombia from the attachment.

collaboration opportunities have been identified in the following fields of business & Academia

  • Edtech ecosystem, eLearning
  • Teacher training
  • Consultancy processes in research & innovation
  • Vocational education and training
  • Early childhood education
  • Sustainable education solutions
  • Degree student market / Talent Boost
  • Education sector development cooperation and system-level exchange


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