China’s manufacturing, metals and machinery industry update

This country outlook is part of a short series of introducing priority sectors that Team Finland China has chosen for 2022. Team Finland China is a network of public actors and Finnish business chambers in China. The network promotes Finland and its interests abroad: the internationalization of Finnish enterprises, investments in Finland, and the country brand. In total, there are nine focus areas, in which Team Finland actors proactively plan their activities, to help Finnish companies to enter China and grow in Chinese market. Team Finland China priority sectors for 2022 are 1) ICT, 2) food and agro, 3) health technology, 4) energy, 5) bio economy, chemicals and built environment, 6) metal and machinery, 7) maritime, 8) education (incl. research and talent boost) and 9) winter sports.

Photo: Pasi Markkanen, Finland Promotion Board

China is a global manufacturing hub. Manufacturing industry added value, taking 30% of the global manufacturing industry in 2021, has been ranking no. 1 globally in the 11 consecutive years. Of the world’s 500 main industrial products, China dominates nearly 40% as the largest producer.

Demand in China for green and energy efficient solutions in manufacturing is growing with increasing focus on high-level of automation, intelligent and green manufacturing technologies and service-oriented manufacturing models. China is transforming and upgrading manufacturing of traditional industries, including petrochemical, iron and steel, nonferrous metals, building materials and other raw material industries to be compliant with new requirements of markets.

Finland has a strong manufacturing base in several industry areas in China. Traditionally established Finnish manufacturing sites (such as metal, mining machinery, material handling, forest machinery etc.) are adapting into new dynamics. Finland’s strong expertise in innovation on new technologies and solutions create opportunities in upgrading China’s manufacturing. Several SME’s and start-up companies have developed quantum leap technologies.

Opportunities for Finnish companies continue to grow in digitalization, energy efficiency, utilization of new renewable energy sources, environmental protection and automation, as China is rapidly transforming and upgrading manufacturing towards higher-level automation, intelligent and green process and service-oriented manufacturing models.

Oliver Zhou
Senior Advisor (Manufacturing, General Market Advice)
Business Finland in Beijing, China
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