Eleven New Ambassadors to Finland 18.2.2021

Eleven New Ambassadors to Finland 18.2.2021

Eleven Ambassadors presented their Letter of Credence to the President of the Republic of Finland on Thursday, February 18th 2021 by written procedure. ​​​​​​​



H.E. Ms Maria Ligor, Romania

H.E. Ms Adriana Mendoza Agudelo, the Republic of Colombia

H.E. Mr Bounliep Houngvongsone, the Lao People's Democratic Republic (accredited from Stockholm)

H.E. Ms Alice Mashingaidze, the Republic of Zimbabwe (accredited from Stockholm)

H.E. Mr Nawalage Lovi Godfrey Cooray, the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka (accredited from Oslo)

H.E. Mr Kenneth Vella, the Republic of Malta (accredited from Valletta)

H.E. Mr Pharidh Kan, the Kingdom of Cambodia (accredited from London)

​​​​​​​H.E. Mr Abbas Noyan, the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan (accredited from Stockholm)

H.E. Ms Jennifer Lartey, the Republic of Ghana (accredited from Oslo)

H.E. Mr Zahoor Ahmed, the Islamic Republic of Pakistan (accredited from Stockholm)

H.E. Ms Patricia Nathaly Godínez Aguillón, the Republic of El Salvador (accredited from Stockholm)


H.E. (Ms) Maria Ligor, Ambassarod of Romania


H.E. (Ms) Adriana Mendoza Agudelo, Ambassador the Republic of Colombia


H.E. (Mr) Bounliep Houngvongsone, Ambassador of ​​the Lao People's Democratic Republic


H.E. (Ms) Alice Mashingaidze, Ambassador of the Republic of Zimbabwe


H.E. (Mr) Nawalage Lovi Godfrey Cooray, Ambassador of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka​​​​​​​


H.E. (Mr) Kenneth Vella, Ambassador of the Republic of Malta  


H.E. (Mr) Pharidh Kan, Ambassador of the Kingdom of Cambodia


​​​​​​​H.E. (Mr) Abbas Noyan, Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan


H.E. (Ms) Jennifer Lartey, Ambassador of the Republic of Ghana


H.E. (Mr) Zahoor Ahmed, Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan


H.E. (Ms) Patricia Nathaly Godínez Aguillón, Ambassador of the Republic of El Salvador​​​​​​​