Final Evaluation of Finland’s Support to the Mekong River Commission 2010-2015

The evaluation provides objective information to the MFA about the effectiveness and efficiency of the Mekong River Commission (MRC) support programme, the results in the water sector and the lessons learned from the MRC activities for the future participation of Finland in multilateral cooperation. The evaluation focused on the Finland-funded programmes: Information and Knowledge Management Programme (IKMP), Initiative for Sustainable Hydropower (ISH), Water Management Trust Fund (WMTF) and the Junior Riparian Professionals programme (JRP).

The evaluation concluded that these programmes have been highly relevant, generally effective and had a lasting effect on the MRC organisation and development processes in the Lower Mekong Basin. The Finland-funded activities have proven to be valued contributions in support of sustainable management of the lower Mekong River. The report identifies eight key lessons from Finland’s experience and provides six recommendations for future cooperation.

Evaluation report

Final Evaluation Finland's Support to Mekong River Commission 2010-2015 (PDF,  86 pages, 2 Mb)