Final evaluation of three Institutional Cooperation Instrument (ICI) projects in Vietnam

The Final Evaluation of three institutional cooperation projects in Vietnam was conducted during August 2017-April 2018. The projects were Promoting Modernization of Hydro-meteorological Services in Vietnam (PROMOSERV), Capacity Building for the Selective Breeding Programmes in Vietnam (RIA-1-RKTL/Luke) and Developing and Implementing Climate Change Adaptation Measures at Local Level in Vietnam (VIETADAPT). All three projects comprised two phases.

This evaluation was to provide objective information to the Ministry for Foreign Affairs (MFA) of Fin-land about the effectiveness, efficiency and sustainability of ICI projects, and to give guidance on the use of this instrument in the transition phase in Vietnam from bilateral development cooperation to wider commercial, political and cultural relations.

Final evaluation report of ICI projects in Vietnam (Opens New Window) (in English, PDF file, 94 pages, 1.75 MB)