Synthesis Evaluation of the projects “Technical Assistance Scaling-up Participatory Sustainable Forest Management Project” and “Strengthening National Geographic Services in Lao”

Ministry for Foreign Affairs commissioned an independent Synthesis Evaluation of the forestry and mapping projects that were implemented in Lao PDR with financial support from Government of Finland.

The key objectives of the evaluation conducted in 2019 were to provide independent objective evidence on the achieved results of two projects and their sustainability, as well as an overall view of the Finnish support to the forestry sector in Lao PDR. The parallel financing set-up with financing from the Government of Finland, the World Bank and the Government of Lao PDR that was applied in the forestry projects was of specific interest.

According to the evaluation, the projects have been relevant to the policy objectives of Governments of Lao PDR and of Finland, demonstrating a long-term sustained commitment to improving the management of production forests in Lao PDR in environmentally, socially and economically sustainable ways. The development, piloting and near nationwide implementation of the Participatory Sustainable Forest Management model is the most significant impact of the SUFORD projects and projects in general have slowed down deforestation. However, the report identified some inefficiencies in project implementation and raised concerns about the sustainability of achieved results.

Evaluation report

Synthesis Evaluation Report (Opens New Window) (pdf, English, 3.5 MB, 201 pages)