Evaluation on Programme-based Support to Civil Society Organizations – Part 3

CSO3 Meta-analysis (Opens New Window) (in English, PDF file, 155 pages, 930 kb)

Strengthening civil societies in developing countries is an important goal in Finland’s development policy. Civil society actors can significantly boost people’s equal

opportunities to engage in public debate and influence political decision-making. This strengthens democracy in societies. With programme-based support Finnish civil society organizations (CSOs) support civil societies in developing countries, provide services and participate in advocacy and global education. The CSOs also have an important role in delivering humanitarian assistance and thereby complimenting Finland’s overall humanitarian assistance by providing important know-how and technical expertise in different sectors.

The Ministry for Foreign Affairs (MFA) evaluated the multiyear programme-based support (PBS) funding modality in three parts. The evaluation assessed the performance of the PBS funding instrument as well as the development cooperation programmes of all 22 CSOs receiving PBS. The first evaluation was completed in September 2016, the second in April 2017 and the third in September 2017.

The third part assessed the performance of programmes of five CSOs (Demo Finland, Free Church Federation in Finland, Trade Union Solidarity Centre of Finland, International Solidarity Foundation and Disability Partnership Finland), three special foundations (Abilis Foundation, KIOS Foundation and Siemenpuu Foundation) as well as two umbrella organizations (Kehys and Kepa). The third part also aggregated the results of all three rounds of evaluation on PBS and made recommendations to the MFA to further develop the PBS funding instrument.

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CSO3 Synthesis report:

CSO3 Synthesis report (Opens New Window) (in English, PDF, 158 pages, 1 Mb)

Evaluation reports of each CSO

Demo Finland (Opens New Window) (in English, PDF, 150 pages, 1 Mb)

Disability Partnership Finland (Opens New Window) (in English, PDF, 162 pages, 1 Mb)

Foundations (Abilis, Siemenpuu and KIOS) (Opens New Window)(in English, PDF, 156 pages, 885 kb)

Free Church Federation in Finland (Opens New Window) (in English, PDF, 126 pages, 1 Mb)

International Solidarity Foundation (Opens New Window) (in English, PDF, 138 pages, 1 Mb)

Trade Union Solidarity Centre of Finland (SASK) (Opens New Window) (in English, PDF, 204 pages, 1 Mb)

Umbrella organizations (Kehys and KEPA) (Opens New Window) (in English, PDF, 194 pages, 1 Mb)