Secretary of State Peter Stenlund attends Tunisian international conference on economic support and investment

Press release 223/2016
28 November 2016

Secretary of State Peter Stenlund will attend an international conference in Tunisia dealing with the country's economic, social and sustainable development, on 29–30 November. He will be accompanied by a Finnish business delegation. The conference will introduce the country's Five-Year Development Plan and related commercial projects designed to strengthen the economy. The purpose of the visit is to show support for Tunisia and to help Finnish companies build contacts and carry out projects there. A seminar on trade relations between Finland and Tunisia will be organised in connection with the conference.

The Finnish delegation consists of ten companies and institutions representing key sectors with opportunities for cooperation in areas such as renewable energy sources, water and waste management, health technology, ICT, education and training, and agriculture.

In recent years, Tunisia has made significant progress in the democratic transition process, for instance adopting a new Constitution and conducting free presidential and parliamentary elections. Finland has supported Tunisia's transition in tangible terms by funding development cooperation projects that promote women's participation in the labour market and youth employment, among other things.

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