Foreign ministers to discuss transatlantic relations and the EU’s strategic autonomy

Foreign ministers to discuss transatlantic relations and the EU’s strategic autonomy

The EU Foreign Affairs Council will meet in Brussels on Monday 7 December. Finland’s representative at the meeting will be Minister for Foreign Affairs Pekka Haavisto. The main themes of the meeting will be transatlantic relations and the EU’s strategic autonomy.

“The EU welcomes the new US Administration and its commitment to common values and a rules-based international system. Commitment to this system is also a prerequisite for stronger autonomy of the EU,” Minister for Foreign Affairs Haavisto says.

At the meeting, the foreign ministers will discuss the EU’s common messages to the new US Administration and the possibilities to strengthen the transatlantic relationship. “It is important to Finland that the United States’ commitment to European security continues. The EU and the US must strengthen the rules-based international system together and cooperate more closely on global issues,” says Minister for Foreign Affairs Haavisto.

The foreign ministers will also discuss the development of the strategic autonomy of EU foreign policy. This is the first time the foreign ministers will have a proper discussion on the issue. In Finland’s view, the EU’s strategic autonomy must mean more responsibility and determined promotion of the EU’s values and interests in external relations – not isolation or withdrawal from partnerships.

The meeting will also shortly discuss other topical issues, including the situation in Georgia, Venezuela, Hong Kong and Turkey and the Eastern Mediterranean. 


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