Grants for journalists in 2020

The Foreign Ministry’s Development Academy for journalists in 2020 is held in September–October. This year’s course is attended by eight journalists, selected based on applications.

The Ministry for Foreign Affairs organises an induction course into development policy and development cooperation for journalists once a year. The Development Academy 2020 consists of three seminar days in Helsinki and a visit to Geneva, where the participants will learn about multilateral development cooperation.  The visit to Geneva will be made in January 2021, depending on the COVID-19 situation and possible travel restrictions.

In 2020, the programme of the course focuses on multilateral development cooperation.

In the selection of participants to the course, the Ministry stressed the applicants’ reasons for wishing to attend the course and their own view of how they would use the knowledge and information  obtained during the course in their work as journalists.

The following persons were selected to the course in 2020:

Ville Perttula (Kauppalehti Optio), Maria Tolsa (Yle Maailma), Mikael Sjövall (SPT), Laura Myllymäki (A-lehdet), Kaarina Vainio (Ulkopolitiikka), Kristiina Markkanen (freelancer), Viivi Berghem ( Yle Ulkolinja), Sanna Inkinen (Uutissuomalainen)

This year, the Ministry for Foreign Affairs does not award travel grants for journalists and photographers.