New specialists to bolster Finnish exports

The Ministry for Foreign Affairs has recruited 20 new senior specialists in international business to work in 16 different countries. The intention is to increase Finnish exports in important export markets and, in particular, to help small- and medium-sized companies to work globally.

The senior specialists are part of the Team Finland network, assigned to help Finnish companies in their efforts to set up a business in important Finnish export destinations. Together with other operators in the Team Finland network,(Link to another website.) the newly appointed specialists strengthen the existing network of promoters of Finnish exports and assist Finnish companies in their efforts to get on the growth track internationally.

Export promotion is a central part of the work done in Finnish missions abroad and its importance has further increased in the post-pandemic world. Heads of Finnish missions abroad serve as Team Finland country managers, supervising the promotion of companies’ access to international markets, for example, by producing topical information about the working environment, influencing efforts to eliminate trade barriers, and helping companies in establishing contacts. Finnish missions are in the vanguard in opening business opportunities in the post-pandemic recovery by surveying local demand in their host countries and finding suitable Finnish companies that could respond to the demand.

“We have worked hard in order to get a picture of the demand in various export destinations. Now is the time to offer Finnish expertise and Finnish solutions. New opportunities will emerge especially in green transition and digitalisation, but also in many other sectors”, says Minister for Foreign Trade Ville Skinnari.

The new senior specialists will be stationed in the following cities:

Ankara (Istanbul)
Abu Dhabi
Hong Kong
Los Angeles
New Delhi
New Delhi (Bangladesh)
St Petersburg
Tel Aviv
Washington DC

You can contact our senior specialists via the relevant Finnish mission abroad(Link to another website.).

More information: Juha Niemi, Diplomatic Adviser to the Minister, tel. +358 50 478 1387

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