Ministry for Foreign Affairs requests comments on the decree concerning an advisory board on export control

A request for comments on the decree aimed at preparing a new government decree on an advisory board on export control has been published in the online consultation service

The decree is issued under the future act on export control of dual-use items. The decree lays down provisions on the duties, composition and appointment of the advisory board.

Please submit your comments by responding to the request published on the website to another website.). The deadline for comments is 15 July 2024. Alternatively, you can submit comments by email to Please remember to mention the reference number VN/8800/2024 in your comments.

Correction 4 June: in the first sentence of the first paragraph, the word “new” has been changed to “future”


  • Carola Miller, Legal Officer, Export Control Unit, tel. +358 29 5350 089
  • Helmi Hämäläinen, Legal Officer, tel. +358 29 535 0584
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