Foreign Ministry issues written warning to Head of Mission of Finland’s Embassy in Ottawa

On 29 May, Finland’s Ministry for Foreign Affairs issued a written warning to Ambassador Jari Vilén, Head of Mission of the Embassy of Finland in Ottawa, pursuant to the Act on Public Officials in Central Government. The warning was issued because Vilén has not conducted himself in a manner befitting his status and duties as a public official. His conduct meets the definitions of inappropriate conduct, harassment and sexual harassment. The decision to issue a warning was made by Deputy Director General for Human Resources Kirsti Pohjankukka within whose mandate the matter falls.

“Issuing a written warning is a serious measure which the employer may only undertake on the grounds laid down by law. However, in this case there are no grounds for dismissal, and Vilén is not released from his obligation to work at the Foreign Ministry. The important matter is that this case is now concluded. The Foreign Ministry will continue to support the staff at Finland’s Embassy in Ottawa. The case and its handling in the public eye have been tough on them,” Pohjankukka says.

The decision may be appealed in writing to the Helsinki Administrative Court.


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