Foreign Minister Haavisto visits Åland

Minister for Foreign Affairs Pekka Haavisto will meet political leaders of Åland in Mariehamn on 12 September.

Foreign Minister Haavisto will meet Premier of the Government of Åland Veronica Thörnroos, the Government of Åland and Speaker of the Parliament of Åland Bert Häggblom to discuss topical questions concerning the security situation in Europe, the Baltic Sea and Finland. 

“The Ministry for Foreign Affairs and the Government of Åland work closely together. We have had great discussions with Åland as part of Finland’s NATO membership process. It is crucial that we are now able to meet in Mariehamn and discuss common security matters,” Foreign Minister Haavisto says.

Minister Haavisto will have also other meetings during his visit to Åland, including a meeting with representatives of the Åland Islands Peace Institute. 

The 100th anniversary of Åland’s autonomy is being celebrated in 2021 and 2022.


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