Call is open for submission of requests for technical support for projects promoting reforms in public administration in 2023

The European Commission offers technical support for Member States for the promotion of sustainable economic growth, competitiveness and employment as well as for the implementation of national recovery and resilience plans (RRPs). The national deadline for submitting requests for technical support under the Technical Support Instrument (TSI) for 2023 will be open until 24 October 2022.


The Technical Support Instrument aims to support Member States’ administrations in actions that can promote structural reforms, economic recovery, growth and competitiveness, or reforms that are in line with their Government Programme. In the 2023 programme cycle, support can also be requested for the implementation of the national recovery and resilience plans under the Recovery and Resilience Facility (RRF).     

Ministries and public bodies may, if they so wish, seek to be part of the flagship initiatives approved by the European Commission. This year, these include the green transition, digitalisation, sustainable growth, immigration, health, social and economic sustainability, and support for young people. In addition, projects can be implemented in cooperation with other EU Member States in the form of multi-country project cooperation.   

To date, approximately 1,500 projects in 27 Member States have been implemented under the programme. Examples of projects carried out can be viewed, for example, on the website of the European Commission. (link to another website).(Link to another website.)Support for expertise is granted on the basis of the criteria set out in the TSI Regulation. These include, among other things, topical nature of the reforms, quality of the requests for support and their compatibility with the objectives of the Government Programme and the European Semester.

Support can be allocated to almost all administrative branches that fulfil the eligibility criteria. During the request for submission period, an intermediary of expertise may be designated on the request template, such as another Member State, the European Commission, an international organisation, a consultant office tendered by the European Commission or another party agreed with the Commission. Project funding for an approved request is allocated to the party implementing the project. The programme does not require self-financing.

Requests for support must be submitted via the online portal maintained by the Directorate-General for Structural Reform Support (DG REFORM) no later than on Monday 24 October 2022. Create an EU Login (previously ECAS) account.  Provide the email address used for the EU Login to by 14 October 2022 at the latest. The European Commission will then grant the email address in question access to the portal for submitting requests for support.  

Requests for support will be assessed by the European Commission by the end of the year, and projects selected for implementation can be launched in spring 2023. 

The programme is coordinated by DG REFORM, which is happy to provide support and guidance also before a request for support is submitted. In Finland, the national Coordinating Authority is the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, which acts as the national contact point and provides further information on the programme and the process.