Two children from al-Hol camp in the care of Finnish authorities

The Ministry for Foreign Affairs confirms that two Finnish children from the al-Hol camp are in the care of the authorities, who aim to repatriate them to Finland. The authorities will organise a press conference in Helsinki at a date to be announced later.

The Ministry for Foreign Affairs will not publish any information on the children in order to ensure their privacy and security. Neither will it inform about the details of the authorities’ measures carried out abroad. No information will be provided about the return route or method. There will be no photo opportunity. 

The Ministry for Foreign Affairs is responsible for measures relating to the provision of assistance to returnees while in Syria and during the journey to Finland. On 19 December 2019, the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health informed: Finnish authorities preparing to receive children from al-Hol camp.

Additional information: Pekka Shemeikka, Acting Director, Unit for Communications on Current Affairs, tel. +358 50 311 23 61

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