Finland’s Ambassador to Moscow informs Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs of decision concerning Finland's eastern border

Finland’s Ambassador to Moscow Antti Helanterä visited the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation at his own request on 24 November to inform on the Finnish Government's decision of 22 November 2023 to temporarily close the border crossing points of Kuusamo, Salla and Vartius.

The Russian border authorities have begun allowing people to cross Finland's eastern border at border crossing points without the entry documents Finland requires. Finland's Ambassador to Moscow expressed Finland's objection to Russia's actions.
The Ambassador also emphasised that Finland will ensure its own border security. In this respect, Finland is prepared to continue cooperation with the Border Guard Service of the Russian Federation in accordance with the treaties in force. 

Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine is the reason for deterioration of bilateral relations between Finland and Russia.


  • Marja Liivala, Director General, Department for Russia, Eastern Europe and Central Asia, Ministry for Foreign Affairs, tel. +358 295 351 727
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  • Press release in Russian(Link to another website.) (Embassy of Finland, Moscow)