Requirements for reporting military end-use in export authorisation application updated

The export authorisation application form has been updated as of 13 June 2024. The change will support the overall assessment of applications.

Companies applying for export authorisation have previously been asked whether they suspect that their products will end up in military use in a country subject to an arms embargo. A military end-use in this context is defined in Article 4(1)(b) of the Export Control Regulation.

The question in the application form regarding a military end-use as defined in the Export Control Regulation has now been updated to include whether the end user is a military end-user or a party operating in the defence technology sector.

This addition will support the authorities issuing authorisations in the overall consideration of applications. Military end-users are armed forces and related organisations, whereas internal security authorities, such as the police, are not usually considered as military end-users.

A product is intended for military use if it is

  • incorporated into military items
  • a production, test or analytical equipment or component therefor intended for the development, production or maintenance of military items
  • an unfinished product intended for the production of military items.