Beijing Olympic Winter Games and Paralympic Games 2022

The 2022 Winter Olympics will be held on 4–20 February 2022 and the Paralympic Games on 4–13 March 2022 in Beijing, China. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, participation in the Beijing 2022 Games is strictly restricted. The COVID-19 situation means that audience participation in the Beijing 2022 Games is limited to invited guests from continental China. Athletes, official guests and media representatives must comply with COVID-19 countermeasures required by the sending countries and, in particular, the host country China.

The Finnish team and media representatives will be in closed loops during the Beijing 2022 Games, with strictly restricted movement and daily COVID-19 testing. The Ministry for Foreign Affairs has a very limited ability to assist Finnish citizens and foreign nationals who reside permanently in Finland in the COVID-19 closed loops of the Beijing 2022 Games.

Before departure

China has introduced stricter entry requirements due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The requirements to enter China in connection with the Beijing 2022 Games include, among other things, several COVID-19 tests, a certificate of being fully vaccinated against COVID-19 and completing entry forms online for the Embassy of China and China Customs. More information on the entry requirements is available on the website of the Embassy of China in Helsinki(layout.types.url.description).

We recommend that persons who travel to Beijing submit a travel notification online at A travel notification means submitting personal data, contact information valid during the trip and information about the trip to the Ministry for Foreign Affairs for use in case of an emergency or a crisis situation. In addition to submitting a travel notification, persons travelling to China should read the Ministry for Foreign Affairs’ travel advice notice for China.

We recommend taking out travel insurance, particularly a policy that covers specialised medical care and the costs of illness or death requiring repatriation, including costs associated with asymptomatic COVID-19. Review the terms and coverage of your travel insurance before travelling to Beijing.

COVID-19 infection or exposure

Receiving a positive COVID-19 test result on arrival or during the Beijing 2022 Games will lead to isolation and potential hospital care.  Discharge from isolation requires negative PCR test results or an assessment by an international Medical Expert Panel. This can involve an extended period of isolation in conditions that do not correspond to the standards of Finnish health care services. 

Exposure to COVID-19 during the Beijing 2022 Games will lead to a quarantine order that will be discharged 14 days after exposure. This may also make it more difficult to return home after the Beijing 2022 Games.

The Finnish Embassy in Beijing has no influence over the pandemic prevention measures taken by the local authorities and the organisers of the Beijing 2022 Games. The management of the Finnish Olympic team and the Ministry for Foreign Affairs have engaged in cooperation well in advance of the Beijing 2022 Games regarding the exceptional circumstances. 

Contact information for the Embassy of Finland in Beijing

  • Weekdays during office hours tel. +86 10 8519 8300
  • The Embassy and general enquiries
  • Consular and entry-related enquiries, including passports, visas and residence permits

In case of an emergency outside the Embassy’s office hours, contact the Ministry for Foreign Affairs helpline on +358 9 1605 5555 or e-mail

Note! Persons inside the closed loop for the Beijing 2022 Games cannot visit the Embassy and consular officers cannot visit customers inside the closed loop.

Further information

Finnish Olympic Committee: Beijing 2022(layout.types.url.description)

International Olympic Committee: Beijing 2022 Playbook(layout.types.url.description)

The Ministry for Foreign Affairs’ travel advice notice for China: