According to the Chancellor of Justice, Foreign Ministry can continue processing pending appointments

A number of ambassadorial appointments to be made during the regular annual round of appointments are under preparation in the Ministry for Foreign Affairs. On Monday 11 March, the Ministry consulted Chancellor of Justice Tuomas Pöysti to clarify the situation. According to the Chancellor of Justice, the Ministry for Foreign Affairs can continue processing of the pending appointments during the caretaker government's term of office.

This also applies to the pending appointments for the posts of under-secretary of state and director general. Under-secretaries of state, directors general and ambassadors are diplomatic posts, which involve an internal application process. The Chancellor of Justice says that, during the caretaker government's term of office, these posts are not subject to the same procedure as is applied to certain other high appointments in central government. The Foreign Ministry can therefore continue processing of its appointments. This procedure was applied also during the parliamentary elections four years ago.

One director general's post, which does not belong to the diplomatic career path, will be publicly advertised soon. The Chancellor of Justice says that it will not be filled during the caretaker government's term.

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