Development Policy Committee appointed – new role and reformed composition

The Development Policy Committee (DPC) for this government term met at its first plenary session on 6 February 2020. Its key aim is to encourage discussion on development policy at national and, in particular, parliamentary levels. All parliamentary parties and key stakeholders in development policy contexts are represented in the Committee.

During its term of office in 2020–2023, the Committee will focus on the implementation of such global commitments as the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the Paris Agreement on climate change, as well as on safeguarding continuity in development cooperation and development policy and on promoting policy coherence that supports sustainable development.

“The Development Policy Committee and its predecessors have long played an important role as a kind of critical friend of the Government's development policy. It monitors the implementation of policy guidelines, provides expert advice, and is involved in the development of public debate on international development issues,” says Minister for Development and Foreign Trade Ville Skinnari.

Since 2003, the Committee has been appointed for each government term but its core task remained unchanged. The Committee monitors the implementation of Finland's Government Programme and the Development Policy Report. It also gives advice.

In November 2019, the Government issued a Decree on the Development Policy Committee. The Decree lays down provisions on the purpose, duties, term of office, membership, Secretariat and decision-making of the Committee. Nowadays, the Secretariat of the Committee has a permanent status. Since 1 January 2020, it has operated in connection with the Under-Secretary of State responsible for development policy and development cooperation at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs.

“The Decree issued in November safeguards the stability and role of the Committee, strengthening the status of development policy at the heart of Finland's foreign and security policy,” Minister Skinnari says.

During this term of office, the Development Policy Committee is chaired by Member of Parliament Inka Hopsu (Green League).

“The Committee is a rather unique organisation in global terms. Its broad and diverse composition enables comprehensive discussion on development policy both in Parliament and elsewhere. It is a pleasure and honour to chair this Committee,” says Hopsu.

“A greater number of stakeholders are represented in the Committee than before. I consider it particularly important that in the composition of the membership, particular attention has been paid to the development policy priorities of the Government Programme.”

More information:

Membership of the Development Policy Committee:


Green League
Inka Hopsu, MP

Members and substitutes

Social Democratic Party
Member: Kimmo Kiljunen, MP
Substitute: Anni Lahtinen, Secretary General

Centre Party of Finland
Member: Hilkka Kemppi, MP
Substitute: Vice Chair of Finnish Centre Youth

Green League
Substitute: Atte Harjanne, MP

Left Alliance
Member: Merja Kyllönen, MP
Substitute: Antero Eerola, Chair of the Left Alliance in Uusimaa,

Swedish People’s Party
Member: Eva Biaudet, MP
Substitute: Anders Adlercreutz, MP

The Finns Party
Member: Sanna Antikainen, MP
Substitute: Nuutti Hyttinen, Expert in Social and Health Policy

National Coalition Party
Member: Anne-Mari Virolainen, MP
Substitute: Ville Kaunisto, MP

Christian Democrats
Member: Antero Laukkanen, MP
Substitute: Sari Tanus, MP

Movement Now
Member: Harry Harkimo, MP
Substitute: Karoliina Kähönen, Secretary General

Fingo (Finnish Development NGOs)
Member: Rilli Lappalainen, Director
Substitute: Niina Tenhio, Expert

Confederation of Finnish Industries (EK)
Member: Jannika Ranta, Adviser
Substitute: Tuuli Mäkelä, Adviser

Federation of Finnish Enterprises (FFE)
Member: Thomas Palmgren, Manager of International Relations
Substitute: Aicha Manai, Network Manager

Central Union of Agricultural Producers and Forest Owners (MTK)
Member: Juha Ruippo, Director
Substitute: Leena Suojala, Expert

Confederation of Unions for Professional and Managerial Staff in Finland (AKAVA), Finnish Confederation of Professionals STTK, and Central Organisation of Finnish Trade Unions SAK
Member: Pia Björkbacka, Adviser for International Affairs at SAK
Substitute: Juska Kivioja, Organization Manager at STTK

UniPID (University Partnership Network for International Development)
Member: Elias Pekkola, University Lecturer
Substitute: Kaisa Korhonen-Kurki, Adjunct Professor

In line with the strategic priorities set for the government term:

Strengthening the position and rights of women and girls
Member: Elina Korhonen, Director of International Affairs, Family Federation of Finland (Väestöliitto) (2020–2021), Tuomas Tuure, Advocacy Coordinator, Disability Partnership Finland (Vammaiskumppanuus) (2022–2023)
Substitute: Marjo Heinonen, Executive Director, Abilis Foundation (2020–2021), Karoliina Tikka Head of Advocacy, Plan International Suomi (2022–2023)

Sustainable economic growth and employment
Member: Helena Arlander, Deputy CEO, Finnfund (2020–2021), Christopher Palmgren, Program Manager, Head of BEAM Program, Business Finland (2022–2023)
Substitute: Pasi Rajala, Communications Director, Finnfund (2020–2021), Virpi Mikkonen, Senior Director, Business Finland (2022–2023)

Education, democracy and well-functioning societies
Member: Anu Juvonen, Executive Director, Demo Finland (2020–2021), Jouni Hemberg, Executive Director, Finn Church Aid (2022–2023)
Substitute: Jussi Kanner, Democracy Support and Dialogue Adviser, Demo Finland (2020–2021), Katri Suomi, Head of Advocacy, Finn Church Aid (2022–2023)

Climate change and natural resources
Member: Jari Luukkonen, Conservation Director, WWF Finland (2020–2021), Jouni Nissinen, Head of the Environmental Policy Unit, Finnish Association for Nature Conservation (2022–2023)
Substitute: Anne Tarvainen, Head of Programme, WWF Finland (2020–2021), Hanna Aho, Conservation Expert, Finnish Association for Nature Conservation (2022–2023)

Multilateral cooperation:
Member: Helena Laukko, Executive Director, UN Association (2020–2021), Jaana Hirsikangas, Executive Director, Finland National Committee for UN Women (2022–2023)
Substitute: Jaana Hirsikangas, Executive Director, Finland National Committee for UN Women (2020–2021), Helena Laukko, Executive Director, UN Association (2022–2023)

Humanitarian assistance
Member: Maria Suoheimo, Head of International Programmes, Red Cross Finland
Substitute: Anne Haverinen, Head of Programme, Fida International, Miikka Niskanen, Head of Humanitarian Aid and Grants, World Vision Finland

Additionally, the Committee has expert members representing all ministries, the Prime Minister's Office and various stakeholders. It works in close cooperation with the Finnish National Commission on Sustainable Development, which is also represented in the Committee.