Kauppapolitiikka publication launches active online presence

The Kauppapolitiikka magazine for international trade, which is published by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and goes back over 90 years, has launched active online presence. The new website was published in early June with a fresh new look. The magazine’s newsletter and the visual appearance of the social media channels were also updated.

Mies esittelee kännykkää, jossa näkyy Kauppapolitiikan uudet verkkosivut

This spring, changes were made to the publication cycle of magazine articles on the kauppapolitiikka.fi website to make the articles available on a more continuous basis. The magazine is published four times a year as before, but some of the forthcoming issue’s articles are made available online in advance. In addition, the website publishes more material written by contributors from outside the staff, such as opinion pieces on international trade.

The new website’s clear structure makes it even easier to find articles on different themes, markets or countries. The kauppapolitiikka.fi website and social media channels have a fresh new look.

Changes were also made to the Kauppapolitiikka newsletter. While the focus continues to be on articles published in the magazine or online, the Foreign Ministry’s topical international trade news and events will be given more coverage in the future.

You can subscribe to the newsletter and the magazine at kauppapolitiikka.fi/tilaus.(Link to another website.)

Theme of the June issue is reconciliation of economic growth with nature

The Kauppapolitiikka magazine to be published on 13 June asks whether 'greenness' is an export advantage. The June issue of the magazine also writes about climate change and sharing the bill for mitigating climate change. The interview section features CEO of the Finnish Forest Industries Federation Paula Lehtomäki, who talks about the importance of forests to her personally but also to the Finnish economy.

We will also take a look at the now trendy South Korean market. In his column, Director of the Confederation of Finnish industries EK Timo Vuori calls for trade policy to return to its roots.

The latest stories are available on the Kauppapolitiikka website(Link to another website.).