Kauppapolitiikka: Hello world, this is Finland calling

How do others see Finland and the EU in these turbulent times? The December issue of Kauppapolitiikka magazine views us through the eyes of the world.

Further away, the perception of Finland and the EU may not be what we think it is. People really like Finland, and Finland has a country brand that is among the best in the world. But to like something, we must first know something about it. We will see how Finland’s country brand is built and where we can see it working.

In this December issue, we ask whether interdependence could be a curse. In global trade, we now view interdependence as a threat, but is the situation really so bad?

In the interview section, Kati Ihamäki, Vice-President, Sustainability at Fiskars Group, encourages businesses to talk about their development steps before they have reached the finish line.

We examine whether the image of Finland as a manufacturer of demanding export products and a country with highly educated talent corresponds with reality. We also analyse the Australian market and the UK trade with the EU countries.

Plus, Trade Shark is back!

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