Team Finland Counsellors for Trade and Investment help Finnish companies to go global

Finnish missions abroad promote measures that advance Finland’s sustainable growth and help Finnish companies to succeed in international markets.

Counsellors for Trade and Investment (T&I) are tasked to explore market opportunities and suitable Finnish business offer, support the export efforts of Finnish companies, promote investments in Finland and contribute to the development of Team Finland export promotion services in their host countries. Their work is supervised by the heads of mission, who serve as Team Finland country managers Team Finland network(Link to another website.) (Opens New Window).

The Ministry for Foreign Affairs has recruited 20 new Counsellors (T&I) to work in the following cities abroad:

  • Ankara/Istanbul, Joona Selin
  • Abu Dhabi, Johanna Riihimaa
  • Bangkok, Kai Tuorila
  • Belgrade, Janne Sykkö
  • Berlin, Mikko Koskue
  • Brasilia, Kimmo Aura
  • Hong Kong, Mika Finska
  • Kyiv, Oskari Laukkanen
  • Los Angeles, Zsuzsa James
  • New Delhi/Bangladesh, Kimmo Siira
  • New Delhi, Jukka Ilomäki
  • St Petersburg, Henri Riihimäki
  • Prague, Mika Lautanala
  • Pretoria, Tuija Pulkkinen
  • Riyadh, Juha Nurmi
  • Rome, Silva Paananen
  • Rome, Hanna-Riikka Laurén
  • Taipei, Jere Tala
  • Tel Aviv, Sami Jääskeläinen
  • Washington DC, Samuli Kaijomaa

The contact details of these and all other Counsellors (T&I) are available on the website of the Finnish mission(Link to another website.) (Opens New Window) in the country in question.