Reform of legislation governing export control of dual-use items continues

The project to reform the Act on the Export Control of Dual-Use Items continues. The Ministry for Foreign Affairs launched the project last year.

The aim of the project is to make the national legislation governing the export control of dual-use items more compatible with the EU's Export Control Regulation. In this connection, certain other amendments will also be made to the legislation to clarify export control procedures and to ensure an efficient implementation of the export control of dual-use items. The preparation of the legislative reform has progressed well and continues at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs.

Stakeholder consultation to continue in the autumn

The consultation of stakeholders started in December 2022 with an event open to all stakeholders. In the event, stakeholders discussed the starting points and key themes of the project. The project has also been presented and discussed on several other occasions during the preparation, for example at advisory board meetings and other events.

According to the original timetable, the next stakeholder event was scheduled to take place this spring, after which the draft proposal was supposed to be sent out for comments. At this stage of the preparation process, however, it was considered justified to continue the consultation after the summer to allow enough time for the drafters to examine the different regulatory options. The Ministry will organise the next event open to all stakeholders in autumn 2023, after which the draft government proposal will be circulated for comments.