Ministry for Foreign Affairs invites climate activist Helena Gualinga as keynote speaker for the World Village Festival

Making a rare appearance in Finland, the Finnish-Ecuadorian climate and environmental activist Helena Gualinga will deliver a keynote speech at the invitation of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs at the World Village Festival in Suvilahti, Helsinki on Saturday 27 May.

Born to a Swedish-speaking Finnish father and Ecuadorian mother, Helena Gualinga, 21, grew up in Finland and in the Kichwa Sarayaku community in the Ecuadorian rainforest. Known for her inspirational talks, Gualinga has spoken at several international climate conferences, such as the UN Climate Change Conference in New York, and at the World Economic Forum in Davos.

Gualinga will speak about how the traditional territories of indigenous peoples are threatened as climate change progresses and how communities are fighting oil and mining companies.

“It is important for me to be involved in the fight against climate change. I believe in change and that humanity is not separated from nature”, says Gualinga.

Gualinga will be on the Speaker’s Stage on Saturday 27 May at 14.15–14.45. She will deliver her keynote in English.

Press conference

The Ministry for Foreign Affairs will hold a press conference for media representatives on Friday 26 May at 12 noon at Suvilahti Tiivistämö. Climate activist Helena Gualinga will be available for interviews at the event. 

Inquiries and interview requests

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