Message from the Ambassador for Finns in the Netherlands

Dear Finns in the Netherlands

The exceptional situation caused by the coronavirus has touched us all Finns in the Netherlands, both those who have lived here already longer and those who have arrived more recently. Already by now, can we see that we will need to live in this situation longer that we would hope.

Here in the Netherlands the Government has given recommendations and adopted restrictions, which it considers necessary to slow down the pandemic. The situation is constantly developing, and it is important to follow the guidance by the local authorities.

Measures in Finland and other European countries are also on the rise. Official information can be found on the websites and social media of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and Government of Finland and the Finnish Embassy in The Hague. You can find there also basic information for Finnish travelers regarding the return back to Finland as well as links to Dutch and Finnish authorities’ channels informing about the current situation. Finns travelling abroad are encouraged to return to Finland while those who are living here are encouraged to remain at home. We will also soon share some tips on Embassy’s website for mental support and digital culture.

The situation is serious and you may find it even frightening.  It requires us to tolerate uncertainty.  Many important plans of the near future will not materialize and longing for Finland may dominate your thoughts. Also Finnish companies in the Netherlands may face difficulties. As President of Finland Niinistö said, ”the whole world is in a state of emergency. Nobody can say how things will turn out in the end, but we can already see that the effects are profound and enduring. Our daily lives will be inevitably affected, and we will be compelled to face a reality, in which our thoughts and actions are dominated by health, livelihood, and consideration for others.”

Each and every one of us can have an impact on how we will get through this crisis.  The situation requires shared responsibility for our own actions but also in helping others cope with the situation. The Embassy and its personnel are doing their best to support Finns in the Netherlands by sharing information and helping people in distress and those that are still travelling.

With best regards on behalf of the Embassy,

Päivi Kaukoranta