Greetings from the Embassy staff during remote work

Like many other Finnish and Dutch people, the staff of the Embassy of Finland in the Hague has primarily been working remotely now for over a month. How is it like to work remotely? What is the daily life and work like in this unusual spring? Take a look of the greetings from our staff!


"In March when remote work started I wondered where should I set up my new office. My spouse suggested his office, a little room upstairs. However, I did not want to use it because I wanted to see people, flowers and birds from the window. For two days, I sat at the big dining table and could not concentrate. I moved upstairs and started a new office life under a small ceiling window. I don’t see people or flowers – and the birds fly by just very rarely. Otherwise, nothing to complain. The service is also very good: every morning, at 10 o’clock, I get coffee on my desk – on Fridays even with a Finnish sweet pastry, pulla!”


"One 1st grader decided to plant tomatoes to celebrate the World Earth Day on 22nd April – in remote school it is easy to take care of them all times of the day!"


Walks in the park are very refreshing.


In addition to our normal work, the coronavirus pandemic has brought new tasks to members of our staff.
“For example the repatriation flights and coronavirus related inquiries are keeping me busy at the moment.”


"Working in a more isolated way is not always a piece of cake, but the weekday lunches can be delicious! I have made many nice meals easily and quickly from foods found at home. This time I made such a tasty lunch with store-bought gnocchi’s and the ingredients in the photo (olive oil, sage, lemon, garlic, black pepper and Parmesan), that it disappeared before the photo shoot."


"Silver lining of a remote working day may include a moment in fresh air, with herons and ducks as bonus."


"After a short period of stress in the beginning,  pets have gotten accustomed to their owners staying indoors more than usual. Now the cats are having the time of their life."


“Because commuter exercise and gym are now not a part of my daily routine, I have planned a home exercise program for myself.  Already 30 minutes of training at the end of at work day increases  both physical and mental well-being."


The whole Embassy staff wishes you health and all the best!