Business with Impact grants support for the development of innovations

Business with Impact (BEAM) is a joint programme of the Business in Finland and the Ministry for Foreign Affairs. Its objective is to help Finnish companies and other actors solve global development challenges with the help of innovations. The innovations may be new products, services, forms of business activity, technologies and social innovations.

The objective is to simultaneously create new, sustainable business activities in both Finland and emerging and developing country markets.

The programme is not restricted to particular sectors. Among the targets of funding are development and piloting of innovations in Finnish companies, non-governmental organisations and universities. The innovations that are funded must promote wellbeing in developing countries and provide international business opportunities for Finnish companies. The countries eligible for the support include all countries eligible for official development assistance by the OECD/DAC, except China.

BEAM is a five-year programme with a total budget of about EUR 50 million. The programme was launched in 2015. Half of the funding comes from Tekes and the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, and the other half from the private-sector actors participating in the programme.

More information on the programme and the application process can be found on Business in Finland's website