Brexit and citizens – Withdrawal with a deal

The withdrawal agreement also covers the necessary provisions on the transitional arrangements.  A transition period lasting until 31 December 2020 started from the date of the entry into force of the Withdrawal Agreement. During the transition period, EU and UK citizens can move and stay in the European Union and the United Kingdom like before.

The withdrawal agreement will also, among other things, safeguard the residence, employment and social security rights of EU citizens residing in the UK and UK citizens residing in the EU under EU law for life if they have settled in the UK or the EU before 1 January 2021. Their status and rights will be safeguarded as they were under the key EU legislation as of 31 December 2020. The free movement of EU and UK citizens moving to each other's territory after 31 December 2020 will end and restrictions will be placed on their entry and rights.