Finland and Afghanistan

Finland is organising the 2020 Afghanistan Conference together with the Afghan Government and the UN, and a Finnish Conference Task Force has been established in Helsinki and in Kabul. Finland has appointed Ambassador Janne Taalas as Special Envoy to lead the preparations for the conference. More information on Finland and Afghanistan: Finland in Afghanistan

The technical preparations for the Conference are underway, but decisions related to the exact timing, modalities and substance of the conference will be made in the end of September.

Finland’s development cooperation in Afghanistan

Stabilising the situation in Afghanistan and securing its development are high priorities for the international community and for Finland.

Afghanistan is Finland's most supported development partner country. Finland has participated in the stabilisation, reconstruction and development efforts in Afghanistan since 2002. During the period 2017-2020, Finland has committed to supporting Afghanistan annually by approximately EUR 28 million.

Finland and the EU emphasise the improvement of the status of women and girls in Afghanistan.

More information on Finland’s development cooperation in Afghanistan: Finland's Development Cooperation with Afghanistan