2020 Afghanistan Conference

The 2020 Afghanistan Conference is co-organised on 23–24 November in Geneva by the Government of Afghanistan, the Government of Finland and the United Nations.

The quadrennial pledging conference presents an important opportunity for the Afghan Government and the international community to commit to common objectives for promoting sustainable development, prosperity and peace in Afghanistan.

The aim of the conference is to commit the Afghan government and the international community to shared development objectives for 2021-24, to coordinate development cooperation, and to ensure financial support for the Afghan administration. In addition to the pledges of financial support, a joint political declaration and a new aid architecture are the anticipated outcomes of the conference.

The ministerial level pledging conference is expected to bring together over 70 countries as well as international organisations and agencies. It was last held in 2016 in Brussels and in Tokyo in 2012.

Hybrid event based in Geneva

The 2020 Afghanistan Conference takes place at the Palais des Nations in Geneva. The event follows a hybrid format where participation is possible either in-person or virtually. Option for online participation will be provided for the Conference delegates and a live stream will be available.

Information about accreditation, programme and side events to the ministerial level conference will be shared on the Conference websites:


Conference logo

The 2020 Afghanistan Conference logo is based on circles symbolizing unity and continuous commitment of Afghanistan and the international community towards a peaceful, prosperous, and self-reliant Afghanistan. It embodies a message of transformation that is sustainable and inclusive.

The three co-hosts of the conference, Afghanistan, the United Nations and Finland are all represented in the logo: borrowing green, red and black from the flag of Afghanistan and blue from the UN flag, and Finlandica as a font.

A key element of the logo is also the conference hashtag #Afghanistan2020.

The logo materials
Contacts: Afghanistan2020@formin.fi